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THAT LAST LIGHT by Riley Mondragon

A small beat of rehearsal time at a theatre not unlike profiles, between an actress and an actor/director not unlike Darrell Cox, as a microcosm of the greater macrocosm of toxic masculinity within theatre.

Written by Riley Mondragon

Directed by Iris Sowlat

15 Minutes, Friday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 7:45 PM

What makes you and/or your work Indomitable?

Iris: I suppose, in short, I’m indomitable because I do whatever it takes to persevere. As a queer, legally blind, woman, I have had my own unique set of challenges (some of them often resulting as an intersection of these identities), and I’ve learned how to adapt and keep on going. My work is indomitable because I intentionally create a brave space. A safe space as well, for sure, but namely brave. My rehearsal spaces, the way I manage productions, and the conversations that come out of my work, are intended to spark debate, to open people to conversations that they normally wouldn’t have, and to ignite a sense of empathy for people who have been other’d.