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Two escaped soldiers, Sky and Finn, take shelter in a burned‐out building and negotiate their options.

Written by Sam Collier

Directed by Alex Mallory

30 Minutes, Friday at 7:00 PM

What makes you and/or your work indomitable? 

Sam: My recent work employs humor, fantasy, and absurdity to investigate human behavior and societal norms. Much of our speech and daily interactions have become invisible to us; they are so familiar and habitual that we have stopped seeing them as the choices and inventions they are. My recent work aims to render them visible – even strange – to us again. While I have always used fantastical elements, I have been incorporating darker and more humorous threads. I believe laughter is nourishing, necessary, and deeply political. Indomitable is a great word. My work is ever shifting and evolving - I seek to create pieces that are alive and adaptable, and this play in particular is loose and agile; it can shift to fill different places and political and social moments. I seek an art that is responsive to the current moment, with an eye to the long future. To me, that's what makes an art impossible to subdue or tame - it can slip and sneak into the current news cycle, it has the teeth to bite us and wake us up, and it has a long stare into the coming century.


Later Event: July 21
THAT LAST LIGHT by Riley Mondragon