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Through live and pre‐recorded video, sound, and performance, this work questions and complicates our relationships to plants while drawing corollaries between the current US political stance on immigration and the legacies of colonialism that permeate the domestic, social, and political realities of today.

Written and directed by Alejandro T. Acierto

30 Minutes, Friday at 8:15 PM and Saturday at 2:15 PM

How has your identity as an artist shaped your work in Chicago?

Alejandro: As a performer trained as a musician who went to art school, I am particularly interested in the intersections of performance, performance art, and theater as live experiences that engage and immerse the viewers into the installations and objects that become part of the projects I make. While much of my work is concerned with decolonizing objects and re‐asserting narratives and speculative fictions so as to challenge how knowledge and information are produced and cultivated, I have been increasingly more interested in producing work that is live, performative, and interactive. As a maker in Chicago (who was born and raised here), I am now more than ever aware of how objects, systems, and environments have been shaped by colonialism as I walk through gentrified, segregated neighborhoods and displaced communities. The moments of live performance that seek in my work enable me to channel those experiences and invite audiences to feel those complex collisions together with others.
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