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IN SERVICE OF VENUS by Anna Charlotte Wilcoxen

Set in a fictional surreal restaurant that only serves marshmallows from cheap plastic cups, a front of house worker (Dianah) and a back of house worker (Anna), question what it means to seek love with the capitalist assumption that love can solve all of our problems.

Written by Anna Charlotte Wilcoxen

Directed by Jason Hedrick

45 Minutes, Friday at 11:00 PM

How do you describe your work?

Anna: In America, people are valued by their productivity and earnings; women’s bodies often get valued based on their “market value,” or their appearance. Often, when women try to proclaim their worth by asserting that they have foregone love for the sake of their careers, it leaves me questioning “where does that leave women who don’t have ‘respected’ careers?” With the service sector being the fastest growing industry in theU.S., and those who work in that industry often facing abusive environments, unstable wages, and no benefits, a large percentage of our population is suffering economically and being told it is due to their own shortcomings rather than flaws in the system. We tell low-wage workers that they don’t deserve life’s simple pleasures: love, beauty, joy, and art. This show challenges that notion by showcasing the imagination, artistic expression, joy, and hardship that service workers experience daily.


Past work by Anna Charlotte Wilcoxen and Jason Hedrick

Photos by A.B.