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ABCD by Rukmini Girish

A one‐woman, autobiographical performance piece, influenced by the principles of Neo-futurism, about the experience of being an Indian immigrant to the United States.

Written and performed by Rukmini Girish

30 Minutes, Friday at 8:45 PM and Sunday at 8:15 PM

What makes you and/or your work indomitable?

Rukmini: After seven years of taking on an American accent, and shortening my name to make it easier for people to pronounce, I decided, two years ago, to go back to my normal way of speech and call myself Rukmini. That's made my day job infinitely more difficult. I work in a call center and get asked, all the time, to repeat what I said, or if my name is Ruth or Stephanie or Rebecca. I've had to learn to be indomitable, to not make people comfortable, and to find communities where "integration" and "melting pots" aren't the end goal. It's through that learning process that ABCD came about.