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RASCA CIELOS by Nancy Garcia Loza

Lourdes, a defiant five foot tall Veracruzana, carves a sense of home, resists gentrification, and unapologetically claims her space in West Town in 1970s, a world that blended jade volcanoes and Chicago intersections.

Written by Nancy Garcia Loza

One hour, Saturday at 5:00 PM and Sunday at 3:15 PM

What makes you and/or your work indomitable?

Nancy: I am interested in telling stories that uniquely center on the experiences of Mexicana women who are so often erased “in Spanish, in Mexican, in English.” I write to combat the daily erasure Mexicanas experience. I write plays that do not euphemize, demonize, or reduce the entirety of our experience in public and private – as women, as sisters, and as rule-breakers. My plays are not concerned by what is ‘authentic’ about the Mexican-American experience in the U.S.; my plays strive to challenge essentialism which so often erases and diminishes our complexity. As a playwright, I am compelled by one wish: write so that when we are dead no one says “era tan buena.” My plays abide by one instinct: follow your pussy.