Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a marathon? How long is this marathon?
For runners, a marathon is 26.2 miles. For us, a marathon is 26.2 hours. That 26.2 hours of performance will be spread out over four days during one weekend in July. July 19th-22nd, to be precise.

What does it mean to be an American?
This was the mission statement for American Theatre Company, a company whose work we already miss. While we don't have the power to bring ATC back from the dead, we do have the power to continue the conversation they started. That is why our theme for 2018 is I AM AN AMERICAN

Does this mean I need to be an American citizen to be a part of CTM 2018?
Goodness no. If you currently live in the United States, you can be a part of this year's marathon. 

What kind of pieces can I submit to this Marathon? What is a new work?
The Marathon is 100% a new work incubator. By applying, you are asserting that your piece has never been fully produced. Staged readings and past workshops are allowable. Previous fringe, university, Non-Equity, and Equity performances are NOT allowed. As for what constitutes a theatre piece, we leave that up to you to define. Surprise us! In fact, we want to be so surprised, we don’t even want a script or other supporting materials from you as part of your application.

What is the deadline to submit, and when will I hear back?
Submissions will close on April 15th, 2018. It is our goal to respond to everyone who applies by the end of April.

I want to be involved, but I don’t have a piece in mind. Can I still participate?
Once pieces for the 2018 Marathon are selected, we will better know what collaborators we are looking for. Individual actors, directors, and other artists should check back in May.

Why do you call the Chicago Theatre Marathon an incubator and not a festival or a production?
At the Chicago Theatre Marathon, YOU are the producer. We are not here to tell you how your piece should or shouldn't be presented. That is why we do not claim your piece as one of our productions. And we call our Marathon an incubator because it is our hope that each piece and each artist will continue to grow and expand beyond our marathon.

Can union members participate in the marathon?
Unfortunately, we do not have an agreement with any of the entertainment unions and we cannot have union members join us at this time.

Can you provide funding for my project?
We are unable to provide funding for any projects, but we will do our best to match you with artists who can fill any roles you need. It is up to, and the responsibility of, each artist to decide if they will provide compensation for anyone involved in their project.

So then what do I get if my piece is accepted into the Chicago Theatre Marathon?
You get a space to put up your work in for free. There are no submission fees to be a part of CTM, not even after your piece has been accepted into the marathon. CTM takes care of marketing and getting the word out about your work. CTM staff members are also available to help artists out as mentors and lifelines, should issues arise that you need help solving. Additionally, you and every collaborator involved in your piece gets an Artist Pass, which gives folks the freedom to see all 26.2 hours of the marathon at no cost. Plus you’ll be part of one of the most creative, accessible, and powerful theatre experiences in Chicago